The GrIStuF Team

The GrIStuF e.V. currently consists of about 30 volunteers, who would like to enrich the thematic and cultural live in our beautiful city Greifswald. At this, we are always looking for new ideas and especially faces! If you are interested in our activities and would like to gain insights into them, you are very welcome to attend one of our weekly meetings, which always take place in our bureau in the STRAZE (Stralsunder Str. 10) Wednesday at 8 p.m.

We have two basic agreements, which should vanish all your concerns and doubts about becoming a GrIStuF member into thin air:
First, you will be introduced to our work in detail and with a lot of patience. If you have any question, just ask please. We are very happy to share our experience and knowledge with you.
Second, every member can decide on her or his own, which kind of activities she or he would like to do and how much time she or he would like to invest.

Due the high diversity of our activities it turned out to be very useful to form flexible but distinct sub-groups for tasks like the organization of the Running Dinner and the Fête de la Musique.

Topic: This group's area of responsibility includes organizing the workshops, public lectures and debates. Its members invite well-known speakers and artists for discussion events, recruit group leaders for each individual topic and prepare a final presentation that presents the workshop results. The workshops thus work on the thematic aspects of the festival and make them accessible to a large number of people.

Culture: Our Culture group is responsible for drawing up a cultural program for the festival week and carrying out the diverse cultural events. In its work, it cooperates closely with the city's cultural and social institutions.

Participants: The Participants group's tasks include recruiting, selecting, inviting and taking care of the festival participants. Its members organize food and accommodation for the participants during the festival week. Furthermore, they assist participants if they encounter visa issues.

Finance: The members of the Finance group develop a specific financing plan and are responsible for sufficient funding of the festival. The group is also tasked with building and maintaining contact with sponsors and supporters.

Public Relations: The members of the Public Relations group are responsible for publicly presenting GrIStuF e.V. They ensure the distribution of information through regional and national media and make GrIStuF e.V. and the festival known throughout the region and beyond.