Greifswald International Students Festival

"Never Waste A Crisis"

Greifswald International Students Festival 2022 “Never Waste A Crisis For a little over two years now, our world has been in a state of emergency. Everyone's life has been changed by the pandemic. Cuts had to be accepted, but new creative solutions were also found. And even apart from the health crisis, we live in a time when many things feel hopeless and final. Terrible wars are still raging around the world, climate change is omnipresent and people are voting for the likes of Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro and the AfD. It often seems as if one is completely powerless in the face of all the crises, personal problems and conflicts that dominate our world view today. But is everything really as bad as it seems? Wouldn't it be better to become active ourselves - to make plans and share ideas - instead of despairing? We think the world is full of potential if we just take the initiative. But how do we actually do that? In times of populism, egoism and disenchantment with politics, there is a lot of discussion about participation and engagement in society. Everyone should ask themselves: What is my place in global civil society? Which issues are important to me? And how can I inspire/motivate myself and others to make a difference? As part of the Greifswald International Students Festival 2022, we would like to spend a week dealing with the topic of crises, their management and individual processing strategies and approaches to solutions under the motto “Never Waste A Crisis”. We would like to discuss concepts for solidarity-based societies and exchange ideas about ways and means to get more involved in society, in order to make issues without a big lobby heard. The aim is to exchange ideas and to become creative together, not to present the only true solution. Participants should develop a wide range of ideas and approaches and bring them into their own environment.