Greifswald International Students Festival

"From Ego to Echo"


It breaks our hearts to announce that GrIStuF 2020 will not take place as planned. At this point of the COVID-19 crisis we can no longer plan a Festival as usual.
In order to ensure everyone’s safety and health we see ourselves urged to postpone this year’s festival. GrIStuF 2020, or at least the physical aspect of it cannot take place under such circumstances.
Especially now is the time to stick together as a family and put our egos aside in order to get through such hard times.
Remember, we’re all in this together!

There is a silver-lining though!
Because we believe that the festival’s topic is even more important now than ever, it's time to talk about solidarity instead of isolation: From Ego to Echo!
We want to collect your stories and ideas. We want to share your teamers' thoughts and our input lecturers' projects. We want to continue the dialogue between all of us and talk about about great ideas to improve our future. To enable all of us to do so we are working hard to cook up something for the summer. More infos will be revealed soon.
Another thing we can already say is that there will be a GrIStuF 2021 - if the situation allows it. More information on that soon!

But for the time being, let's focus on staying safe, staying positive, and staying solidary with one another.

We appreciate your understanding and compassion.

Lots of love, your GrIStuFamily <3


Do you think our world deserves something better than climate change and global injustice? Do you believe we could live in a society without populism and discrimination? Do you imagine a world with equal rights and a solidary society?

But you feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do? Guess what, we kind of do, too! That is why we want to gather again 150 people from around the world for the Greifswald International Students Festival from June 5th to 13th to discuss, create and enjoy a colourful thematic & cultural program.

During GrIStuF 2020 we aim to understand the problems humanity is facing today. We want to discuss the importance of participation and assess the impact each of us has on the global society. Our festival will unite motivated young people who want to share ideas and create solutions together. Like tiny ants who couldn’t survive by themselves alone we can feel small and powerless. But nature shows us that we can achieve big things when we work in groups and inspire each other.

We believe that the activism of every person is important on the way towards an equal, peaceful, sustainable and flourishing world. Social movements never happened from people staying on their couches, so grab your pen and apply for the Greifswald International Students Festival 2020!