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GrIStuF 2022 "Never Waste a Crisis" - Cancelled

Unfortunately, we as a team have decided to not go through with hosting our biannual international festival in Greifswald this May. We want to explain our reasons and hope for your understanding of this final decision. This definitely was a hard decision to make, and it breaks our hearts, needing to cancel again, after we´ve already had to quit the 2020 edition of the festival due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Like you, every day we are keeping up to date with all the latest developments in Europe. So, after the invasion of the Ukraine in late February, we just feel it´s out of touch to continue with planning a festival in these frightening times. Therefore: GrIStuF 2022 is cancelled

This year a lot of our participants and applicants are living and studying in Ukraine and Russia. As the GrIStuF-Team, we always want to prioritize the health and well-being of all our participants, that´s another reason, why we had to make this hard decision and cancel GrIStuF 2022. We hope all of you are in safe spaces and can get the help you need.

For now, there is no GrIStuF planned until 2024, when we would return regularly again, but we are working hard on offering a few hybrid lectures on the current situation with our partners here in Greifswald – so stay tuned, if you can – there will be updates coming your way soon.

And on a final note: We decided to keep all the applications for this years festival on hold, so everybody that applied this year, can just log in their account once the next application period begins and hand in the application again.

We hope you can understand our decision, and we wish you all a healthy and safe rest of the week!

If you can, we also recommend, checking local possibilities for helping refugees and people suffering from this war.

Greetings (with very heavy hearts),

the GrIStuFis


PS: If you are already in Greifswald, check out our solidarity week programm here!